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Since 1992, local citizens have opposed housing development in front of Coyote Hills Regional Park. In 2000, Friends of Coyote Hills, a citizens’ group, was formed when housing development was again proposed in front of the park. We worked on Measure K, the Protect Coyote Hills Natural Area Initiative, which was on the Fremont ballot in November 2006. 15,000 Fremont citizens voted YES for this measure. Once this open space is gone, it will be lost forever; once development is here, the impacts will never go away.

Unlike the Patterson family, who has a huge financial stake with development, we are a grassroots group who want to preserve the 520 acres of open space in front of Coyote Hills Regional Park. We are local residents who are concerned about the negative impacts of runaway development on our neighborhoods such as overcrowded schools, pollution, congestion, and a rapid degradation of our current quality of life.

We are people who love to run, bike, hike, walk our dogs in the park, and just plain stroll to lose ourselves in the natural splendor of this incredible regional resource. We are people from communities all over the Bay Area, who make the trek to enjoy the unique and precious resource that is Coyote Hills and the surrounding area. We now come together through a shared desire to ensure that such magnificent resources are not lost to those who do not understand what we must preserve for tomorrow, for our children and for our future generations.

FCH has organized and has grown, but we are continually looking for concerned individuals and organizations to join us in this effort! Send e-mail to us at or call 510-793-5329. Learn what you can do to make your voice heard.

[Below, photos of the FCH&F in the 4th of July parade in Fremont - click on any photo to enlarge]

FCH&F July 4th parade banner FCH&F July 4th marchers
FCH&F July 4th Protect the Animals July 4th crowd cheering FCH&F


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