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As we engage now in the  governmental process to minimize any potential impacts of development of the lands in front of Coyote Hills, we need funds and volunteers. Since we are completely grassroots, we count on individual supporters such as yourself. Please be as generous as possible; hiring technical experts to review an environmental impact report, for example, costs thousands of dollars. Each additional dollar you give will make a huge difference in the future of our community. We must protect the land and wildlife at Coyote Hills!

We know local citizens want a voice in what happens to these environmentally sensitive lands and open space. Let's make sure this happens!

To donate, complete the information below, submit the form to FCH, and then use our secure credit card/PayPal payment capability. Note: PayPal is not currently available; please send a check. Thank you.

If you prefer, fill in the information, print the form, and mail it with your check made payable to:

Friends of Coyote Hills
c/o Ann Rice, Treasurer
37734 Second St.
Fremont, CA 94536-2925

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With your gift of $100 or more, FCH is pleased to offer you an 8" x 10" double-matted color print of Coyote Hills, painted and signed by Linda Patterson. [click to enlarge]

Please click "Yes" on the donation form to request the matted print of Coyote Hills.

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Check enclosed (print this page, send to FCH at the address above, then click "Submit my gift")
  Use Credit Card or PayPal Note: PayPal is not currently available; please send a check. Thank you.


After submitting your form to FCH, on the next page make your credit card or PayPal online donation. Thank you!


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