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Friends of Coyote Hills is an environmentally focused group serving the Tri-Cities area. We are dedicated to the conservation and preservation of open space and the plant and wildlife habitats it supports, and to engaging public involvement with local and regional environmental issues through community outreach, education, collaborative efforts, and advocacy.

Since 1992, local citizens have opposed housing development in front of Coyote Hills Regional Park. In 2000, Friends of Coyote Hills was formed when housing development was again proposed in front of the park. We worked on Measure K, the Protect Coyote Hills Natural Area Initiative, which was on the Fremont ballot in November 2006. 15,000 Fremont citizens voted YES for this measure.

In surveys of Fremont voters conducted by David Binder Research in 2002 and 2006, over 70% wanted no development directly in front of Coyote Hills Regional Park.

In a 2007 Fremont General Plan online survey, 56% of respondents enjoyed visiting Coyote Hills Park and 43% Alameda Creek Trail, and planned to visit again. In the same survey, 85% of respondents ranked parks and open space as a high/very high priority, the most highly desired of 16 qualities for the General Plan Update.

Friends of Coyote Hills favor planning decisions for Fremont that  

  • Originate from the careful consideration and consensus of Fremont citizens, not outside interests

  • Respect the value of surrounding open space, scenic resources, and agricultural lands

  • Set a reasonable rate of growth within defined boundaries, favoring "smart growth" (infill, near shopping and transit) over urban sprawl

  • Encourage the building of a vibrant pedestrian-friendly downtown (e.g., Walnut Creek, Palo Alto), to include a performing arts center, museum, unique shops, top-rated cuisine, and recreational facilities

  • Manage growth to avoid large-city problems, e.g., costly city services, overcrowded schools, traffic congestion, air and water pollution.



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