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Newspaper contact information

The Argus
39737 Paseo Padre Parkway
Fremont, CA 94538

Send letters to the editor to

For questions, call Steve Waterhouse, editor-in-chief, at (510) 353-7000.

San Jose Mercury News
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San Jose, CA 95190
Main fax number: (408) 288-8060 

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San Francisco Chronicle
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Fremont City Council contact information

Bob Wasserman

Anu Natarajan
Vice Mayor

Bill Harrison
Council Member

Suzanne Chan
Council Member

Bob Wieckowski
Council Member

You may send an email (see below) to the Mayor and Council members, or leave a message by dialing the numbers listed above. Modify this email as you see fit, before pressing the Send button. Elected officials take emails that are in your own words more seriously.


Subject: Help Us Preserve Coyote Hills

Dear City Council members:

Coyote Hills is a treasure that must be preserved. The mixed-use Patterson Ranch development as currently planned will remove a buffer zone for Coyote Hills Regional Park. Over 70 percent of polled voters do not want any development in front of Coyote Hills.

I support what is stated in the General Plan 2030: “much of the anticipated development potential during the twenty-year planning period would be characterized as higher-intensity “Transit-Oriented Development” (TOD) that takes advantage of Fremont’s bus, BART and ACE train lines, to enable the City to become more urban in strategic locations.”

Given all the liabilities associated with this proposed project (for example, soil toxins seeping into air and drinking water, thousands of lives put at risk due to soil liquefaction, overcrowded and underfunded local schools, flooding due to sea level rise), why should Fremont city council put us taxpayers at risk of bailing out another development scheme doomed to failure or even approve any housing units to be built there in the first place?

The development as planned will destroy the integrity of the site with its unique plant, bird, and animal habitats. Coyote Hills, a scenic gateway to Fremont, is a regional natural area enjoyed by so many.

I am asking each city council member to preserve Coyote Hills for current and future generations by implementing the General Plan 2030 as described above.

[your name here]

Correspondence may be mailed to the Council members at:

City of Fremont
P.O. Box 5006
Fremont, CA 94537-5006



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